Posted by capricorncandy on January 14, 2019

We are proud to announce that DAPS partnered with Snode to bring shared/dedicated/instant/ and soon masternode hosting as well as auto reinvestment to the DAPS community once the DAPS chain has been launched!

Snode is one of the oldest shared masternode platforms. Founded in December 2017 and released to the public in March 2018, Snode became one of very first shared masternode services providers in the crypto space.

Snode’s masternode solution makes it easy for the investors to become a sole owner of masternode without the hassle of going through a series of difficult configurations, especially the investors who are not familiar with configuring masternodes. In addition to the technical complexity, operating masternodes requires an expensive startup cost which makes a large majority of investors who have a small capital shy away from. Snode shared masternode is the solution for this.

Snode’s dedicated team does the heavy lifting in order to bridge the gap between the investors who are interested but are discouraged due to the technicalities and capital requirements involved in the process. Snode platform provides investors with all necessary information related to their investment through dashboard view/auto-notification email system in a comprehensive way. Their native coin – SnodeCoin (SND) is being integrated as the main payment for the maintenance fee.

With working products and roadmap commitment, Snode has been building trust in their community and become a big name in the masternode marketplace. Snode community has reached 10000 members and continues to grow daily with over $3M worth of coins deposited and $25k worth of rewards paid daily.

DAPS is proud to partner with Snode. We believe services like these have a crucial function in ensuring a cryptocurrency network has competing hash and a healthy ecosystem for users to easily support the network.

Snode team will take part in testnet so they can be familiar with the DAPS network by the time mainnet is deployed. Snode will be ready to facilitate DAPS masternode hosting as soon as mainnet is launched.