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February 2, 2019
DAPS Development Progress

Over the last few weeks development has been moving ahead at full speed. We have almost completed stealth transactions and the implementation of [the special feature that shall not yet be named].

During late December and early January; a private Alpha test was performed by developers and a few selected team members to ensure we can have a smoother testnet period.

There were a number of issues that were found in this test such as:

1. PoS rewards were incorrect.

2. MasterNode collateral being incorrect.

3. Staked coins not staking after reaching maturity

The bugs are being looked into right now, some have been fixed, others not yet. The aim is to have all of them completed and fixed by the time testnet is released. Development is also currently focused on finishing the MVP of our brand new block explorer and the integration of the dark theme wallet designs.

While getting things ready for testnet, we have been looking at our internal processes in order to streamline things even further. These include DevOps functions and automated builds and tests. Using Kubernetes and CI tools internally we have been able to dramatically speed up our CI/CD processes and have been able to automate tests that would’ve otherwise taken a few hours to complete with manual intervention.

Progress towards testnet is going well. Approved applicants were emailed and thanks to everyone that applied. We had just over 300 applications. Testnet launch date to be advised.

What will be available to be tested in the testnet?

The answer is: Almost everything!

There are approximately 115 approved people who will be lucky enough to get their hands on the beta test. This is a combination of team and community members. This does not include some special guests who we have been speaking to with regards to their possible participation in testnet. More announcements on this to follow, just finalizing negotiations.

So what can those lucky folk expect to see?

They will be able to test almost all aspects of the coin. How exciting?!

In terms of wallets, the following are expected to be available:

1. Windows

2. Linux

3. Mac

In terms of MasterNodes, the following are expected to be fully operational:

1. Linux

2. Windows

Currently, there is only a Windows-based CPU based PoA miner. We are working on getting a Linux one ready for testnet. We are also targeting the GPU versions to be available. We will keep you updated on the progress of this, but the target is to have them done.

With regards to Windows-based applications, we are targeting 64bit systems only!

How will the beta test take place?

A dedicated Discord only server will be created and invitees will receive a link to join it. ALL invitees MUST have a Discord account. Those that do not already have one, should create one with the same name as their telegram account where possible. We will announce when emails were sent out to approved applicants so you can check if you meet this requirement. Any persons entering the server under alt accounts, accounts whose names are not known or who were not invited, will be banned from the server immediately.

What will be expected of the testers is to report issues they are experiencing. A faucet system is being looked into in order to feed the beta coins to the relevant testers.

We have not forgotten about the 100k bonus airdrop to eligible holders.

The bonus airdrop is delayed due to two matters:

1. ETH hard fork

2. Cryptopia hack

Because the Cryptopia airdrop was automatically we do not hold the information to airdrop to these holders. This means that the bonus to Cryptopia holders can only be executed once we know the outcome of the Cryptopia hack and whether Cryptopia can cooperate with us in the bonus airdrop or not. The personal wallet holders and Bluetrade airdrops can be completed easily and quickly but this will mean that Cryptopia holders will not receive their bonuses at this time.

The community gave feedback this week regarding this issue and we have taken all opinions on board and will be launching a poll this week to vote on the bonus airdrop matter. Thanks for your input and please stay tuned for the poll launch.

Thanks to our awesome designer DeadLineLogo we now have stunning designs available for purchase in the DAPS store you can find here:

DAPS Store

We are printing a few T-shirts that will be handed out to crypto influencers, industry supporters, randomly selected DAPS community members and for giveaways planned. If you want to get your coffee served in style, grab yourself a privacy mug?

Please share your photos with us when you get any items supporting DAPS – we are making an album!

Thanks to @DAPS HYPE for allowing ‘DAPS Dog’ named Bounty to be included in the designs available for sale.