Posted by capricorncandy on March 2, 2019

As you all know testnet is fast approaching. We are sure that you are as excited as we are.

You know that we want to provide you with the best experience in the test. Further to that, we have an update to make about the beta testing.
We ran into some technical issues with the development chain that means that we are going to have to postpone the beta test by a week as it currently stands. We are doing our best to sort the issues out as fast as possible.

What are the issues?
We discovered a scalability issue within one of our elliptic curve libraries. It seems that its ability to respond to requests for transaction validation is not as fast and scalable as we need. This issue means that whilst it may work for 1 or 10 or even 100 wallets, it will not be scalable for production.

We want you to test as close to production code as possible and this issue is a big one that needs to be solved first.
Another issue we have is with our custom block explorer. It’s a small yet annoying bug whereby sidebar elements are rendered in random positions on the sidebar. They switch position with other elements in a random fashion. While not a mission-critical issue, we do feel it’s annoying enough to see that it must be fixed before testnet.

The last issue we have is a compilation issue of the PoA miner:

It has decided to act like a spoilt brat and it does not want to compile properly. This may be down to what developers call “DLL hell”, but either way, we can’t have a PoA chain without a PoA miner.
So, unfortunately, we have to postpone testnet for a little while, but we are working on the issues we have mentioned and we are 90% on track for testnet.
Once we have these challenges taken care of and we have successfully tested in development, we will let you know what the official date of the testnet is. We have a great team of developers working on this and we are 100% confident they will get it resolved soon.