Posted by capricorncandy on March 6, 2019

The thing with being on the cutting edge, is that things don’t always go according to plan.
Our plans was to – by now – have completed a very successful testnet and to have everyone in a joyous mood about the future.

“No plan survives first contact with the enemy. What matters is how quickly the leader is able to adapt”

Tim Harford
But Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is DAPS.

We could’ve released testnet a week ago. We could’ve released it today.But releasing a product to you that we feel is not ready is not how we do things.

We have had some setbacks and bugs that meant that we had to push testnet dates out a bit as you know from our previous testnet update. This is the nature of being on the cutting edge of blockchain privacy technology. We don’t want to disrespect our community by releasing a sub-standard product to you and expecting you to like it.

We feel that if we are not happy, the testers – and community by extension – would be even less happy.

Whilst over the last week we managed to fix the issues with the library, the block explorer and fixed the compilation issues, we recently ran into a possible exploit that had to be fixed. We discovered that with all the privacy meachanisms now in full swing, that a staking wallet could stake coins it didn’t have.

This is obviously an unacceptable scenario.

The bigger question became how to fix this without compromising the privacy feature set.

Good news is the devs have been working on it and we believe we have found a solution for it. 💪

They are currently firing up a new dev chain in order to double check the fixes and make sure it is all solved. We aim to have this resolved as soon as possible and to be able to release testnet to the lucky approved members after we ourselves have conducted our own internal testing.
The next testnet update will be published in less than a week away – Monday 11th of March 2019. Stay tuned!

As always thanks for your amazing support as a community. 🙌