Posted by capricorncandy on March 24, 2019

With over 100 excited testers, including some of our VIPs/partners, we are off to a great start.

Let’s take a moment to understand the purpose of a testnet.
A testnet period is used to make sure that the core of the network and chain is working. It’s also an opportunity for the development team to allow users to do what users do best: things that we didn’t expect!
Everyone loved our unique wallet layout as well as the beautiful custom Block Explorer at first glance.
$DAPS wallet is syncing on #TESTNET ???
— crypt0steve (@SubnetZero) March 20, 2019

Something that a lot of people have noticed is that the binaries for this testnet have licenses. You may ask why we decided to license our binaries, well, here’s a short explanation:
In a world as competitive as crypto, you need to make sure that you keep your advantage. The decision was made to license the binaries so that if there was a tester who decided to distribute our tech to everyone and to allow non-approved people to test, the binaries won’t work. Testing our tech is a privilege and we do not want our competitors to be able to see into our tech either.

This has been so effective that even some testers have been locked out of their own wallets because there has been a change to their system. Whilst it may be an inconvenience sometimes, we say: “Better safe than sorry!”
Did you guys seen the DAPS Explorer? ?#DAPS $DAPS #DAPSisComing #testnet
— DAPS Whale (@daps_whale) March 21, 2019

So what are some of the bugs we have found so far?
  1. With all the technology crammed into the binaries (some of it is classified top secret for now) we have experienced a quite annoying bug whereby the wallet balance calculations seem to go a bit haywire.
    It’s not a chain issue because the balance can be recovered, but the wallets themselves seem to sometimes lose track of the balance.
  2. Linux MasterNodes and Windows PoA miners are having trouble with the licensing integration and refuse to go past the license verification step.
  3. Wallets seem to be very CPU hungry, the little beasts!
I am having so much fun testing out the beta version of the DAPS new blockchain!
Not only is it a massive learning curve but knowing we are so close to Mainnet where everyone else can get involved is also really exciting 🙂$DAPS #DAPS #DAPScoin #DAPSfam
— nafn (@nafnnet) March 22, 2019

These are the major issues that have been discovered so far. Let’s get into some details:

Wallet balance issues
With all the privacy tech that has been built into the system, we have had some challenges with the balances over the last few days. We need to keep in mind that this wallet has to deal with stealth addresses, stealth transactions and another classified top secret privacy technology. All of these have meant extensive modifications to the QT wallet and all of that means that sometimes the balances disappear.
The development team is currently working on this problem as a priority 1 bug.

Linux MasterNodes and Windows PoA miners license bugs
This one has been a very strange issue to try and resolve.
Initially we thought it may have been just that the licenses aren’t working right, then we thought it is perhaps a VM / VPS issue. The devs believe that they may have cracked it.

We should be seeing a new release of these binaries soon with a fix for this issue already implemented.
This has also been logged as a priority 1 bug.
#DAPScoin #testnet is alive ?
Testing now with more than 100 participants and some of our VIP's/partners. #DAPS #wallet and #explorer look amazing ?$DAPS is also live at #BitMart ? #DAPSfam #Gaming #Privacy #Crypto $ETH #Blockchain #BTC
— Dutch Crypto Boss (@dutchcryptoboss) March 23, 2019

Has the test been successful so far?


But there are bugs, are you happy with bugs?

Yes we are. The whole point of testing is to find issues in a quasi-real world environment so that when it comes time for mainnet, all of these things have been dealt with. What good is a test in which you find no issues!

For the most part, the core elements of the chain and network, work!
This is extremely important. It means that the foundational structures of what a coin is are fine, working as expected and stable.
The fact that there are bugs in the systems that tap into that foundation is perfectly normal.

It’s like building a house. If the foundation is poor, the house falls. If the foundation is strong, the house stands. It’s then up to the builders to make sure that the walls and roof etc are built properly.
Thanks to all our testers for the great help and feedback we appreciate you devoting time to making DAPS great!