Posted by capricorncandy on April 7, 2019

As you all know testnet has been in action and the devs have been fixing bugs found as quickly as they can and getting new releases to the users.

We decided last week to extend the testnet duration to the 12th of April 2019. The reason for this is that as the testing continued we fixed a bug here and saw a new one pop up there. This has meant that for portions of the time, either the network was slow due to too few nodes or some people experienced wallet failures.

We also introduced a brand new feature to the wallets that the devs came up with on the spot to solve the balance confusion that will definitely make it to mainnet.
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— DAPS_Spain (@Amarsan82) April 5, 2019

Here’s a quick rundown of how PoSV3 works:

Coins received > coins “locked” by the chain upon maturing > staking and happiness.

It’s the “locked” part that had a few folks confused. Essentially PoSV3 – almost like a MasterNode, holds coins that are staking in a state where they cannot be spent. To spend the coins you must disable staking and lose all staking maturity, spend the coins and the enable staking again, which means that the coins need to become mature again.
Working with the DAPS testnet is like stepping into the future!
It keeps surprising me how many new technologies come together in this.#DAPS $DAPS #DAPSisComing #dapscoin #DAPSfam #testnet #privacy #technology #blockchain #crypto #bitcoin #community #ethereum #erc20 #Devs #coin
— Dutch Crypto Boss (@dutchcryptoboss) April 4, 2019

We added a great new feature called withholding!

Withholding allows the user to determine the number of coins they do not want to have staking and that means that these coins are immediately spendable. So, if I have 1 000 000 coins and I want to keep 100 000 to spend when I want to, with our new wallet, you can do that.

This means you can spend coins without losing your staking maturity and without having PoSV3 tell you can’t spend them. Again, we are putting the power in your hands.

Whilst this new feature is really cool and we are all excited about it, it seems to have introduced some possibly unexpected results.
Именно так выглядит уникальный проводник блоков $DAPS, самого ожидаемого анонимного блокчейна 2019 года! ?

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The development team are looking into what has been causing some of the wallet failures and errors we have been seeing and the community has been great at providing us with details. The chain itself remains unchanged, this is purely wallet problems and could possibly be daemon related.

Some projects have recently released without doing testnets and this is evident in the issues they are experiencing. We are not going to follow that lead. Although this round of tests will come to an end Friday next week, we may have another round coming up soon. The need for another round would follow on from giving the development team time to focus on the major issues and then we can have another go at letting our wallets out into the wild.
Testing out the $DAPS PoA Miner for Windows. I have had no issues at all so far with this miner 🙂

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Some organizations would say that to have issues in a public testing phase is not good because it shows that there are problems. We disagree!
Testing is just that, Testing. We discovered and fixed many different issues which means that the only way we can move is forward!

People love the custom block explorer, the wallets are sexy and before the recent issues popped up, we had some fantastic network speeds.

We have a week left, another release of the wallets soon and hopefully, everyone will have their MN’s, wallets and PoA miners going at full speed.

Adel recently met with actor Hollywood actor Gary Graham to collect his thoughts about the DAPS vision, testing the features and discussing the future of our technology. He was amazed at what we managed to accomplish and is excited to follow our journey ahead.