Posted by capricorncandy on April 18, 2019

Andrew is an experienced IT professional with 19 years of experience in the IT industry.

Andrew started his career in 2000 as a developer while doing his Microsoft certifications. Over the years, he has been involved in almost every industry including mining, health, government, travel, tax, banking, online gaming, forensics, social media platforms and research.
Andrew has architected both high-end single-use systems, enterprise scale applications and serverless systems.
From 2015 to August 2018 he was managing software development teams in Australia. In August 2018 he joined DAPS officially as the development manager and airdrop systems architect.

Some of you may be wondering why are only hearing about this now?

We feel it is time that you know who has been and still is driving the technical department of DAPS.
Andrew was happy to work behind the scenes and not be officially introduced to the community. However, the team felt the time has come to introduce him to you the community especially with all the success he has contributed on the DAPS journey to date and as we closed testnet recently.

By the way, the secret technology we mention from time to time, it was his idea to include it in DAPS.
While he has been part of the management team since August 2018 he has already accomplished the following:

1. Architecting and executing all airdrops for DAPS ensuring no data was lost and also achieving a 99.4% success rate for the airdrops.
2. Assisting Adel in dealing with budget and negotiations for development.
3. Managing the entire development of the coin including budget, sprint planning, goals and outcomes, issue logging and more.
4. Managing and executing the entire beta test process. Yes testers, he is Spock.
5. Ongoing negotiations and partnerships with potential security audit firms to ensure both legal liability, budget and SoW agreements are in place.

In his spare time – which he keeps telling us he doesn’t have much of because he keeps having to renew test licenses πŸ˜† – he enjoys fishing, offroading and time spent with family (Adel) and friends.

He is also an avid gamer, a Star Trek and Star Wars lover (yes you can be both) and absolutely loves Game of Thrones!
We are very grateful to have Andrew as part of management and in the CTO position, we have a lot to say thanks to him for – THANKS, Andrew!

Discord – Spock#3204
Telegram – @DAPS_Spock