Posted by capricorncandy on May 4, 2019

DAPS is proud to announce that we are the first coin to successfully implement a Staking and Masternode hybrid (PoW – PoS – PoA) full privacy chain that fully incorporates RingCT and Bulletproofs!

We invite you to read our new updated white paper with all the technical information on what sets DAPS apart from the rest. Next week will be interviews and press releases to ensure that the rest of the world knows about this huge accomplishment in the cryptocurrency industry before we head off to Consensus.

In summary DAPS is the first to:

1. Incorporate RingCT, Ring signatures AND Bulletproofs on a staking chain with Masternodes.
2. Create and implement PoA (Proof of Audit)

We hope you are as proud as we are! Enjoy the new white paper and let us know your thoughts in our social media channels.
Click here to view the whitepaper