Posted by Lyricidal DAPS on May 22, 2019
Just as Consensus 2019 has come to an end, with some great times and networking opportunities for DAPS, so has testnet round two.
As with our previous test, this one was another great success. This time around things were a lot more polished with notable improvements in:
  1. Speed (“Wow that was fast” seemed to be the running joke amongst testers)
  2. The addition of the custom Recent Transactions screen
  3. User Interface (although not final, notable changes were made)
  4. “Under the hood” updates to make the QT wallet more stable
  5. Introduction of the Android mobile wallet
Can’t compose myself with this UI!!!!

Quicker than instant transactions, mainnet is getting closer 😊$DAPS #DAPS #Tech #blockchain #BlockchainWeekNYC #consensus2019
— Andy 🚴🏻‍♂️ (@cyclingcrypto) May 9, 2019

As to be expected with any testing there were some minor issues, but this list is shrinking quickly.
  1. Licenses – everyone’s (not so) favorite issue, but this time far less trouble with them. It’s finally the end for these.
  2. Corrupt wallet.dat’s
  3. PoA Miner downloads – just a glitch in compilation, quickly rectified and not an issue for mainnet.
  4. Larger debug logs (this was for the purpose of testing and has been removed)
$DAPS beta Testnet 2.0 has been fantastic.

The wallet UI just keeps getting better on each build and the transaction speed is insanely quick!

Masternodes, Staking & Proof of Audit all tested.#blockchain #crypto #tech #DAPS
— Andy 🚴🏻‍♂️ (@cyclingcrypto) May 21, 2019

With our pending code audit, we are pushing out the fixes to these issues and look forward to freezing our code base in the next few weeks. Once we receive the results of this review, we’ll go back to the table to fix what’s necessary to get to mainnet.
$DAPS is private,secure,hybrid and lightning fast !!#DAPSiscoming to a #Consensus2019 near you
— Cor Blanksma (@BlanksmaCor) May 9, 2019

We would really like to thank all of our testers for giving up their time and feedback. We hope you enjoyed testing everything out as much as we enjoyed working on it. Look forward to mainnet in the very near future.
DAPS is coming!