Posted by capricorncandy on May 30, 2019
We value our community at DAPS and we take matters like the Cryptopia hack and losses of our community seriously. We’ve given the Cryptopia case enough time and space to come forward with resolutions regarding the DAPS still left in their custody.

Unfortunately the confirmed 3.8 billion stolen and sold DAPS by the hacker can’t be recovered as that is now circulating and thank goodness back into the hands of community members that care about holding and supporting the project and not the hacker’s hands.

With this said, we do know that there is still an unconfirmed amount of DAPS in a wallet on Cryptopia’s exchange. We want to know what is going to happen to these tokens as it has an impact on our decisions regarding mainnet and beyond. As we already stated, DAPS team cannot reimburse any community holders their losses from Cryptopia, but what we can do is fight for answers and a fair resolution for our community members impacted by this unfortunate event.

We are pleased to inform you that our case regarding Cryptopia is being handled by an Australian law firm named Agile Legal Consulting. They specialize in the blockchain industry and are monitoring the case for us and will be our legal advice and representation for our community in this liquidation process of Cryptopia.

We hope this brings you some relief that we are here for you and will fight on your behalf for answers and resolutions.