Posted by capricorncandy on July 1, 2019

Happy birthday to DAPS, Happy birthday to DAPS!!!
Just like your child’s first year, this first year of DAPS has been a year of ups and downs, laughter and tears.
The team at DAPS are proud of everyone here. We love to be with you all on this amazing journey.

We had so many things to celebrate, here are a few highs and lows:

The First Airdrop

Can you believe that it was so long ago?
See countdown timer.

Binance Application

This is the usual “wen Binance”.
Well, the application has been in for a few months already, maybe by our second birthday, they’ll get around to letting us know. 😂

Cryptopia Hack

This one was a big one. We know that some of you are still worried about it and others are happy they got out in time. We never saw this coming and we were just as shocked as everyone else.

First Testnet

This was massive for us.

After months and months of development, planning and testing, we finally got to the point where we were ready to unveil this to the community.
There was the unnamed technology that we were sure would work, but still crossed fingers in anticipation. Bugs were found, bugs were fixed. UI had some tweaking needed and was tweaked. This was truly a great achievement.

Gary Graham – Hollywood Superstar

Vulcan Ambassador Soval himself, otherwise known on Earth as Gary Graham participated in our first ever testnet. Adel met with Gary in LA and he loved our designs, the speed of transactions and complete privacy. He is looking forward to our mainnet launch.

Enjin Collectibles

Did these things cause a buzz or what?!
Everyone was asking “What is this Monocero?”, “What’s Verderion”?
The first qr code for these was used up in 10 minutes. The second was even faster.
People love them, trade them and hodl them. Our characters will feature in 4 blockchain games soon.

New White Paper

This was yet another mind blowing release.

After months of waiting and deliberating and design choices and double checking, we released this bad boy to the community and the world. And boy did it make an impression.
First impression – BULLETPROOFS?!?!?! What?!?!
Second Impression – Wow that’s gorgeous!
Third Impression – What’s Secp256k-1? Is it like the flux capacitor from Back to the Future?
It was a truly great moment to see this wonderful piece of work go into the wild and be so well accepted. Currently over 1k retweets too btw.

Testnet Phase 2

We went into this phase of testing still with the “unnamed technology” now being named, Bulletproofs!
People were stunned by what they were testing. “Is it true? Bulletproofs? DAPS has Bulletproofs?”
And with the knowledge that we had worked very hard on the issues and comments from the first testnet we knew this one was going to be good.
It was better than good! It was fast! REALLY FAST!
Users were experiencing sub-second transaction times!

Our First-ever Event Booth – We did it in Style with Consensus!

We are sure most of you remember this fresh in your minds.
Here we were, just a startup privacy coin playing in the same box as the big boys.

And we played hard!

There were queues waiting for the t-shirts, people came to see us so much that there was barely time for a toilet break let alone lunch!
We held the DAPS name high. People came back to talk more with us. Some said it was like talking with family or a close friend.
We didn’t do what the rest did. Everyone was shilling, buy our coin, buy my software, buy this little gadget. We told a story, a story about one of the best privacy coins around and the story of the world-first that we are!
People bought into our vision and our story and we are still getting emails from connections we made there. Great things are ahead!
Our Consensus Youtube Video

Reveal of our Development House

This was another big one. For months there was speculation, fud and doubts.
When we dropped this news, people went wild. And so did we, because it was great to finally be able to tell the world who our development partners are. We are proud to work with The Arcadia Group.

DAPS Coin Audit

Ah, the audit. Source of irritation for some because of the delay, source of happiness for others because they knew we were doing things right.

This was a tough one to get locked in.

There were quotes from many different places, some were cheap and cheerful, some charged so much I nearly fell off my chair. Some were from start-ups looking to make a name, some were from the biggest names in auditing.
We chose Red4Sec in the end. They are the best of both worlds. They have a fantastic reputation for both crypto audits and ethical hacking and also gave us very reasonable pricing given the short deadline we requested.

We are proud to have them audit our chain.

Community and Team

We leave the best for last. The community and team that makes DAPS possible. Thank you to everyone who has the project’s best interests at heart and that shows up every day to either work in the team or be active in the community. Without the team and community, DAPS can’t exist.

Thank you for whatever positive role you play here, we appreciate you!

Happy Birthday DAPS 💜