Posted by capricorncandy on July 22, 2019

PoA or Proof of Audit is DAPS Coin’s proprietary consensus mechanism for the DAPS chain.

It is essentially a chain accountant that ensures that the total supply (max supply + emissions) has not been tampered with.
The chain must have at least 59 PoS blocks minted before the next PoA block can be mined, this is because a PoA block cannot audit less than 59 PoS blocks and must audit 24 blocks in 24 hours.

Each PoA block contains the ID’s of the PoS blocks that it audited. This allows anyone to go and view the blocks that have been audited.
A PoA block will not contain any ID’s of other PoA blocks as they are not audited.

The consensus rules included in the DAPS chain at different stages mean that the last line of defense is the supply and emissions and thus having an auditor that can check this means that we have sealed up this possible avenue of attack.

DAPS PoAClick on image for a better view.