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  • DAPS Tech Support F.A.Q. 🛠

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    VIN Errors?

    Make sure you master node.cong file on your desktop and your dapscoin.conf file on your VPS or MN Host Provider is correctly set-up.
    Close your wallet before you begin making changes to either one, and then fire it up again after you are done.
    Remember: You wallet needs to be fully synched for it to successfully start up a Masternode.

    externalip= The IP of your VPS
    masternodeprivkey= Your Masternodes unique Genkey(you get it from writing masternode genkey in the debug console)

    Go to Debug Console?

    Click F1, if this does not work, hover your mouse near the top of the screen while your wallet is open,
    And go to the Tab named “Tools”, under that you will find “debug console”, click it.

    Go to DAPS Coin folder(to find masternode.conf ,or daps coin.conf)?

    On Mac
    Go to Finder, top bar select “Go” tab.

    Click “Go to Folder”

    Insert the following: ~/Library/Application Support/DAPSCoin

    On Windows
    Run %appdata%, or open a Windows Explorer window, click on the address bar and type %appdata% and hit enter.

    Wallet not synching?

    Please make sure you are running the latest version of the wallet.
    Currently the latest version is V1.0.2.

    Start Up Masternode from wallet

    Go to debug console and type the following, remember to start your master nodes ONE by ONE to be sure they are working. Wait for the timer on each one to start counting correctly, before you fire up the next one(15-30min).

    startmasternode alias 0 YourNodeName

    YourNodeName = The name you have given it yourself if you are using VPS, or the name the Masternode host provider has given you to paste into your masternode.conf file as well.

    Start Up Masternode on VPS

    How to navigate in terminal on VPS
    Navigate to your folder that has the: dapscoind file in it.

    You can use the following commands to navigate up or down a directory:

    cd .. = Go Back One/Navgate one directory up
    cd nameOfDirectory = Navigate into this directory

    You can at anytime write ls(LS but in small letters) and hit enter to see which directory you are in.
    If you see dapscoind after you type ls, then you are in the correct directory.

    Start up Masternode

    Once in this directory, write the following command to make your files executable(you only need to do this once):

    chmod +x daps*

    Then type (To start up the server)

    ./dapscoind -daemon

    And hit enter

    You can then use: ./dapscoin-cli getblockchaininfo

    To check what block your VPS is on. Be aware of the fact that sometimes it can take up to 15min before it begins synching, so do not be alarmed if you do not see it synching right away,
    simply come back and check once in a while to watch it’s progress.

    Check if Masternode on VPS is Running Correctly

    To do so navigate into the directory that has dapscoind in it like in the example above.

    Then type in the following command and hit enter: ./dapscoin-cli masternode status

    If it says success on the last part, then it is running correctly on your VPS, and you will be receiving rewards.

    Which of my Masternodes won what?

    Inside debug console type: getmasternodewinners

    Peer connections keep getting banned?

    Type in debug console: clearbanned

    Also go ahead and Delete local blockchain data on wallet repair Tab in debug window if the above did not work.

    Can I run PoS and Masterndoes with the same coins?

    This is not possible, remember, your PoS coins have to be locked away to be able to stake, and your Masternode collateral also get’s locked in the masternode(through stealth address),
    hence the same coins can only be used for either one.

    My coins are gone?

    If you have made a backup of your wallet.dat, or mnemonic keywords, and have access to either one, then your coins are never gone.

    Simply allow your wallet to fully synch first. Remember, this is a blockchain, and the coins you own were recorded at a certain block, hence while your wallet is synching back up,
    it will only recognize its coins when it reaches the block where it received them(where they were recorded in other words), and only display them then.

    My wallet is frozen!

    Check the debug.log to see if the latest added entry says “rescanning”. If it does, your wallet is not frozen, but scanning the blocks for transactions.

    If your debug log is no longer adding entries, then it is frozen and requires a restart. You can check if any entries have been added by opening the file again, or pressing Ctrl + R in Notepad++

    My miner won’t work, showing rpc call failed

    Check the formatting of your dapscoin.conf file and poa_configuration_file.json. Make sure the values are correctly spelled and have no extra characters.

    I have enough coins, why I'm I not staking?

    Make sure that you did not enter an amount beyond the staking value in your "Quantity of DAPS to keep as spendable (Not staking)

    I'm staking but my staking is disabled in my wallet. Why is that happening?

    In the dapscoin.conf file, is the staking=1? If so, set it to 0.

    My spendable amount is different from my balance, it should be the same amount. Why are they different?

    Ask: Is your wallet fully synced? If no, give it some time. The wallet is trying to catch up to the chain. Once it is fully synched, everything will reset to normal.

    I am trying to send coins but I keep getting errors. I have coins in my wallet. What is going on?

    Ask: Is staking on? If staking is on and they do not have any amount in "spendable" (Reserved), they will not be able to send any funds out. Ask them to disable staking and try sending the funds. You can also encourage them to leave some amount in "spendable" so that they will not run into this issue.

    I cannot send funds out of my account, it is only allowing small increments. What is going on?

    Ask: Did you disable autocombine feature in the console? If yes, the autocombine feature helps consolidate all coins into one and you might be sending the funds from uncombined amounts that isn't enough to cover the transaction. They will need to manually combine the wallet. which could be a long process. They have to keep guessing what value to put in. If they get a 50 UTXO error, then they have to try a smaller amount until they are able to successfully send the coins. It is advised that people do not turn off autocombinerewards for now.

    VIN Errors on ihostmn?

    Make sure that your setup is correct in your ihostmn dash and that the values in your "masternode status" (F1 - Console) is the exact same values as the ones in your wallet. The 1Million collateral sometimes disappear and you will need to resend the collateral and update the details in imhost prior to re-enabling the MN.

    I want to create a Masternode collateral, how do I do this?
    • Make sure you have enough funds are reserved in your spendable (Find this in settings)
    • Then make sure you have more than 6 confirmations and that the amount is available (In console, masternode outputs to check if it showed up).

    What are "orphan blocks"?

    Orphan Blocks - DEFINITION of 'Orphan Block (Cryptocurrency)'.

    Orphan blocks are those blocks which are not accepted into the blockchain network due to a time lag in the acceptance of the block in question into the blockchain as compared to the other qualifying block. Orphan blocks are valid and verified blocks, but are rejected ones. The rewards for an orphaned block are not given to the node minting it because it was rejected.

    For those who want to use the bootstrap and / or get it not working:

    Please read our detailed Bootstrap Guide:

    My antivirus detected a virus when I downloaded the wallet, help!

    Your antivirus had a false-positive detection because of the PoA miner.

    What is a false-positive?

    A positive result in detection means it has found something.

    A false positive is an erroneous detection because it found on the basis of a related marker, or it's just completely off.
    In this case it's a false positive because it includes mining software, which is always flagged in any scan because it's also often used for malicious intentions such as a miner that runs silently in the background of your computer, stealing all your precious CPU power.

    Why is my balance gone?

    1. Are you fully synched to the current block? If not, run our bootstrap:

    Bootstrap guide here (includes download link):

    2. Click „Rescan blockchain“ in console (F1 or fn+F1) and wait for 45 minutes

    3. Type „getbalances“ in console

    4. Type „listunspent“ and wait for at least 1 utxo to show up under "vout"

    5. Type "rescanwallettransactions 1" in console and wait for 45 minutes.

    6. If all those fail, put a clean version of the wallet.dat near 32KB in the appdata folder to force a rescan of the blocks since the last data saved in the backup wallet.dat. The further back the better. Or recover from seed (24 words) from block 0 and then close and apply bootstrap.

    Can I lose my coins/how can I recover a damaged wallet?

    As long as your wallet.dat/mnemonic phrase (24 phrase words from wallet settings) is in a safe place, any error you receive is superficial and will likely be smoothed out in future releases.

    Two steps you can recover your wallet:

    1. With backup.dat:

    Go in your wallet —> Settings —> Click „Backup“. Go to %appdata% —> DAPSCOIN (Folder) and store this backup file with the newest timeframe on multiple and safe locations. To recover, just paste that file in this folder, open the wallet, unlock (bottom right) and resynch.

    2. With menmonic phrase (24 words):

    Save your masternodes.conf —> Close the wallet. Go to Computer —> Your Drive —> Programsfiles —> DAPSCOIN (Folder) —> „Uninstall“ —> Open the newest version of the wallet —> Click „Recover with mnemonic phrase“ —> type it in —> unlock the wallet/let it resynch

    Why is my balance on the right going wild?

    Just give it awhile. We built a fairly unique system that takes your total balance and builds kind of like a "best staking" setup.

    It breaks your balance up into multiple equal size utxo's and stakes them individually.
    Then when the wallet receives coins (doesn't matter how) it will take a look at how it can add those coins to your staking for you automatically.
    It essentially optimises your staking for you internally.

    I have 0 connections and/or my blocks aren’t moving?

    1. Unlock your wallet (keychain bottom right)

    2. Type in „clearbanned“ in console (F1 or fn+F1)

    3. if you are worried or impatient you can check the debug log to see if any new lines are being added in %appdata% —> dapscoins —> debug (scroll down)

    4. Use our latest bootstrap:

    Bootstrap guide here (includes download link):

    5. drink a coffee (alternatively tea) and wait 🙌
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