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  • AlchemicJay
    Sorry that you’re upset with the current wallet 👍
    I hope you find the current release (1.0.1) addresses some of the issues you’ve been having. The next release is being tested at the moment and will address further bugs, as well as all releases afterward.
    Keep in mind that the computer you are on plays a part in stability.That is the OS, processor power, and to a lesser extent, RAM. I hope you’ll take a look at the code and realize what the chain is actually doing, and why we can’t predict potential bugs across every imaginable combination of hardware and software. Some bugs can only be revealed when there is more than just 30 test nodes set up by experts. We are currently around 2000 masternodes and many more staking nodes. Some bugs can only be revealed at scale, as in any software technology.

    thanks for your patience and support!

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  • Luca Blight
    I think you are being very pessimistic, it is complete normal the new systens have bugs epecially at the begin.

    Since of the firts wallet I am running the wallet withou big problems, set up masternodes and receiving rewards.

    As long the time pass, the system will improve and everything will tend to be much better, just look for the commitment of the team, and you will belive that.

    I do not know what is your the exactly problem you are having, try to follow the instructions that are delivered on the Telegram and asky for help, many people will be there to help you.

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  • Henry
    started a topic Daps mainnet note

    Daps mainnet note

    Dear Daps Team

    First of all I want to congratulate you on the launch of mainnet.

    Unfortunately I am deeply disappointed in the 'delivered' work.

    - The look & feel of the wallet has been completely ruined. I don't know what you have in mind but you should never have launched like that. You need professionals, even though it is a beta its just a total mess

    - V1.0.01 wallet update is half done again. Not only me but also others have too much hassle to get this mess going & keeping it going.

    - get your website straight! if you can't get THIS right how the F should you get a blockchain project done proper

    I doubt that you have the right skill set to continue this project.

    @adel I want to point out that I have invested enough. If it appears that I am losing my investments due to a failed development / buggy wallet I will sue you.

    GET IT RIGHT! cause at this moment there is nothing to celebrate.