➡️What do you think might have caused the bug?
- Corrupt blockchain?
➡️What steps did you do to cause the bug, in other words, what actions did you perform up and until the point where the bug happened?
- MN was running fine for 6 days, no action taken
➡️Has the bug occured before, and were you able to restart, or do something else to make it go away before it became persistent?
- Not happened before, happened on 3 MNs today
➡️What version of the wallet are you running?
- v1.0.0
➡️Was your wallet fully synched when it happened?
- Yes
➡️Did you close your computer while the wallet was running?
- No
➡️Did you close your wallet before it was fully synched?
- No
➡️Please provide any other details which may be relevant for our developers so they can replicate the bug themselves and squash it!
- Running Ubuntu 16.04
- Error message when trying to start MN:
- dapscoind: main.cpp:5587: void ProcessGetData(CNode*): Assertion `!"cannot load block from disk"' failed.
- Deleted /blocks and /chainstate and started dapscoind again, all is OK