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debug.log is huge!

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  • debug.log is huge!

    ➡️What do you think might have caused the bug?
    - Too much debug-info
    ➡️What steps did you do to cause the bug, in other words, what actions did you perform up and until the point where the bug happened?
    - Started dapscoind
    ➡️Has the bug occured before, and were you able to restart, or do something else to make it go away before it became persistent?
    - Occurs on every MN
    ➡️What version of the wallet are you running?
    - v1.0.0
    ➡️Was your wallet fully synched when it happened?
    - Yes
    ➡️Did you close your computer while the wallet was running?
    - No
    ➡️Did you close your wallet before it was fully synched?
    - No
    ➡️Please provide any other details which may be relevant for our developers so they can replicate the bug themselves and squash it!
    debug.log varies from 1GB to 6GB on my MNs