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    I tried to restore wallet backup, and click some buttons in wallet repair menu. Now my wallet can't start. Re-installing not helps. How to reset app settings? System is Mac OS Catalina
    Last edited by timofeyp; 13 October 2019, 09:22 AM.

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    The error message is:

    "A fatal error occurred. DAPScoin can no longer continue safely and will quit.

    EXCEPTION: St13runtime_error

    GenerateNewHDChain: SetHDChain failed

    dapscoin in Runaway exception


    • AlchemicJay
      AlchemicJay commented
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      Hey, so it is not advised to click button randomly if you don’t need to. Those are repairs for some issues, and if you don’t have those issues then it could cause problems. In your case, you should first attempt to apply the bootstrap. And excellent explanation has been posted here:

      If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

      If this doesn’t work, then you should recover the wallet with your mnemonic phrase. Make sure you have a few backups of your wallet.dat as well.

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    Do you have your seed? Perhaps it would be better you restore your wallet with your seed.