Howdy team,

I've come across a minor issue - In the console I typed 'getchaintips' it instantly force closed the wallet and corrupted the blockchain having to resync - bootstrap etc.

➡️What do you think might have caused the bug?
A: Typing 'getchaintips' in F1 > console.

➡️What steps did you do to cause the bug, in other words, what actions did you perform up and until the point where the bug happened?
A: See above. Wallet was fully sync'd + running normally.

➡️Has the bug occured before, and were you able to restart, or do something else to make it go away before it became persistent?
A: In the middle of resyncing + bootstrap.

➡️What version of the wallet are you running?
A: V1.0.2

➡️Was your wallet fully synched when it happened?
A: Yes.

➡️Did you close your computer while the wallet was running?
A: No.

➡️Did you close your wallet before it was fully synched?
A: No.

➡️Please provide any other details which may be relevant for our developers so they can replicate the bug themselves and squash it!
Windows 10 - HP Laptop

Thanks team,