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Corrupt wallet.dat after crash. EXCEPTION: St12out_of_range

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  • Corrupt wallet.dat after crash. EXCEPTION: St12out_of_range

    ➡️What do you think might have caused the bug?
    - Closed the wallet during sync
    ➡️What steps did you do to cause the bug, in other words, what actions did you perform up and until the point where the bug happened?
    - Started MN in wallet, and it crashed
    - Started wallet again and got a message that the blockchain was corrupt and needed to resync.
    - Instead of the usual "resync" I clicked "Abort", and the wallet closed
    - Started the wallet again and then I get this error message:!An_1gkp4PR-px2K2...xh3Bq?e=N75zNt
    - EXCEPTION: St12out_of_range. basic_string=substr: _pos(which is 18446744073709551586) this->size() (which is 0) C:\Program Files\Dapscoin\dapscoin-qt.exe in Runaway exception
    ➡️Has the bug occured before, and were you able to restart, or do something else to make it go away before it became persistent?
    - No the bug has never occured before
    ➡️What version of the wallet are you running?
    - v1.0.0
    ➡️Was your wallet fully synched when it happened?
    - It was fully synced before the MN-crash
    ➡️Did you close your computer while the wallet was running?
    - No
    ➡️Did you close your wallet before it was fully synched?
    - Yes I guess you can say that, since I clicked "Abort"
    ➡️Please provide any other details which may be relevant for our developers so they can replicate the bug themselves and squash it!

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    I clicked abort before syncing. :S
    Can corrupt wallet.dat files be repaired?
    I need that file. I don't have the 24 words passphrase.

    I've seen that the wallet has an option to recover damaged wallets but I don't know how to do it :/
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