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When Will Privacy End?

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  • When Will Privacy End?

    The idea of Privacy will end the moment we stop fighting for it, but privacy itself ended a long time ago.

    There is a fine balance between a society that rises and fights for it’s rights, and one which is passive and neglect to its circumstances.

    We have all been overwhelmingly neglect, and consequently allowed for our governments to take chunks of our privacy away one chip at a time.

    The NSA has never been stronger(they monitor on a global scale through their international partners see:, and in China they have gone as far as creating a “social credit” system, monitoring their citizens every move throughout their daily lives, giving them a score based on their day to day decisions, jobs, partners and friends. The list goes on, and there is no scrutiny left on the table in this process.

    Their aim is to rank all their citizens by a “social credit” score by 2020, and this is not something that is lurking on the horizon, it’s already in effect and being used widely today in China.

    The citizens are punished, or rewarded based on their behaviour, and the list of punishments and rewards is ever growing.

    Here’s just some of the possible punishments, or “rewards” their citizens can acquire(see:
    1. Banning you from flying or getting on a train.

    A persons freedom to move about how he or she pleases, is effectively restricted in China today.
    And by restricting people from travelling, they are effectively taking control en mass over their society.
    Nine million people are already banned from travelling in China, and another three million people are barred from even buying a business-class ticket. Kinda crazy isn’t it?

    2. Throttling your internet speeds.

    The exact mechanics for this system is not yet in place, but according to Foreign Policy(See:, credit systems monitor whether people pay bills on time, and if you should be so unlucky as to miss a bill, then you might find yourself in a situation where your internet speed suddenly is decreased.

    Hindering you from accessing one of humanity’s most important tools:

    The Internet.

    3. Banning you, or your kids from the best schools.

    By doing this, China has taken further steps to ensure that the gap between elite and middle-class/the poor has an even stronger line of division.

    Not allowing access to otherwise talented kids, solely based on their parents social score is down right atrocious, but still a reality now in China.

    4. Stopping you from applying to, or getting the best jobs.

    Again, your social score and your overall behaviour ends up having a direct effect on even your chance of moving up in society.

    It is no longer enough to simply be educated, or a good worker who show up on time and puts in the extra hours.

    Should you not have a good enough “social score”, then forget about even having a possibility of moving up in society, and forget about applying to new and better jobs. You won’t get them.

    5. Keeping you out of the Best Hotels

    As the title implies, your “social score” will have a direct impact on whether you are allowed to stay in a good hotel or not, regardless of how much money is in your bank account.

    Say you got a little too drunk one night and made a mistake, well, that mistake just cost you some points of your social score, and now you won’t be able to stay in a good hotel(amongst other things…)

    6. Getting you dog taken away

    Yes! The Chinese city of Jinan started enforcing a social credit system for dog owners in 2017, whereby pet owners get points deducted if the dog is walked without a leash or causes public disturbances.

    I think we all know that dogs are not humans, and they will always misbehave from time to time no matter how much you love them and have tried to train them.
    All dogs bark, so if your dog happens to be a little louder than the usual barker, then you might suddenly be getting him, or her taken away from you only for the dog to get put down.

    Quite Dystopian no?

    7. Being publicly named as a bad citizen.

    Naming and shaming is another tactic the Chinese government is implementing into their system of “social credit” score.
    Blacklists already exists, and companies are encouraged to consult the blacklist before hiring ,or even calling a person in for an interview.

    My point is, in the U.S, citizens are constantly being monitored through high surveillance which the NSA and their global partners stand for.

    In China, we’ve come so far as it even being fair to compare it to the tv-series Black Mirror.

    George Orwell would be twisting and turning in his grave, knowing how close we have come to his dystopian society all across the world. Because this is not something that is limited to China or the U.S, this is occurring with governments all across the world, and their networks keep growing stronger and more powerful. Every single email, phone call, sms or tweet is recorded and analysed under the pretence of keeping us all safe.

    So what can we do?

    Well, the road to privacy is certainly not an easy one, it is paved with roads of bureaucratic red tapes and intricate architectures that are designed to keep it all in place.

    Luckily, there does exist systems outside of the regular financial and judicial world of bureaucracy.

    These systems are called blockchains, and it is only through a truly anonymous and private blockchain that we will be able to reclaim our freedoms and take our rights back. It all starts with one of humanity’s most fundamental rights: the right to transact freely, without any scrutiny, and with full control over your own assets. This has actually never existed before in human history, and is something which blockchains allow for.

    A system where banks no longer are necessary, and where no one can freeze your assets, or take control over your life.

    This is the right we at DAPS are working on constantly to accomplish. Our goal is close, and within the third quarter of 2019, it will be a reality.

    In my previous article, which you can read here:

    I detailed how we need a system in place, one which has all the necessary checks and balances to allow for a foolproof system where no one can cheat, and where everyone is incentivised to not only use the system, but to also keep it running right from the start.

    The Road Forward

    These checks and balances are effectively taken in to account done by DAPS.

    We are releasing our test-net coming in January 2019. Using and combining already tested anonymity protocols coupled with our very own invention, the PoA miner(Proof Of Audit aka The Harpocrates Protocol).

    We have recently extended an open invitation to 150 of our community members ,who will be allowed to come onto our test-net to try it and to help root out bugs and improve the UI experience. We have released several sneak peaks of our UI, much to the appraisal of our community and CT alike.

    We will after this hire several 3rd parties to attack it ,and test it, until we have a chain that is ready for deployment.

    We expect this to be in Q3 2019, and once our main-net is live, there will be no going back to the old world of financial systems with oversight and scrutiny, where your assets can be frozen and taken away from you at the glimpse of an eye. This system will also allow for billions of people who live under the poverty line all across the world to suddenly be allowed to transact freely, anonymously and on a global scale. Incentives will be in place from day one, that allow for both wealth creation and value to be retained, rather than destroyed and inflated through a never ending money press(Read: The FED).

    Feel free to join us on any of the social media platforms that we are available on. We have a great community, and our team is super friendly and happy to answer any questions you might have. We are on 24/7, and look forward too seeing you in our channels!

    Our TG :




    Twitter: @DAPScoin

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