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    In recent years, people feel that the weather has suddenly become hot. The once cool autumn now begins almost in late October, and the hottest days in August reach over 40 degrees.Why is that?It turns out that human beings are responsible for their own misfortune, and their own ideas limit their actions. With the rapid development of human high-tech, the side effects of science are gradually reflected. Global warming is an example.Soaking in air conditioning has become a new hobby in the heat of the day, but have people ever wondered what the negative effects of air conditioning can be?The answer, of course, is yes. Air conditioning emits a lot of methane, which is also a global warming gas.At the same time, air conditioning will also waste a lot of electricity, so try to avoid using air conditioning, appropriate can.And another reason: carbon dioxide!Automobile exhaust and factory exhaust contain a lot of carbon dioxide, and carbon dioxide is most likely to lead to the greenhouse effect. Now the number of cars is increasing gradually, according to relevant statistics, to the 21st century, there are 700 million cars in the world, a large number of exhaust seriously affecting us, cough, throat inflammation...The most important is global warming.According to some statistics, the per capita CARBON dioxide emissions in the United States has reached 20 tons a year!China also emits 2.51 tons of CARBON dioxide per capita every year!The environment around us is changing badly.More important reason is that: forest, water resources, serious destruction of ecology, a large number of arid land, water pollution is serious, according to statistics, 10% of the world's river water is polluted, the fresh water supply is a problem, at the same time because of the minerals is widely used, burning out the CO2 gas led to air pollution, ozone layer was badly broken at the same time, the ozone hole in north and south poles, aggravate the deterioration of the environment.In this vicious circle, people's lives will be seriously affected in the end.What is the tragedy of this?Of course it's obvious!It used to be that you could predict tomorrow's weather from watching the spark in the sky, but now it's less accurate.The weather is heating up, sea levels are rising, arctic and Antarctic glaciers are melting, coastal cities and island countries are drowning.All this has seriously affected the survival of human beings. Experiments have proved that in the next 300 years, the sea level will rise by more than half a meter, which is the most optimistic data.In another seven years, global warming will continue irreversibly.What's more, as arctic ice melts and rainfall intensifies, large amounts of fresh water flow into the North Atlantic ocean, disrupting the Gulf Stream. Once the Gulf Stream is cut off, temperatures in northwestern Europe will drop by as much as 5 to 8 degrees Celsius, with the effect that could trigger a new ice age!You must have seen the movie the Day After Tomorrow. The scene in the movie is a true portrayal of our earth hundreds of years later: tornadoes, ice breaks, temperature drops sharply, ice storms, freezing rain, earthquakes, floods, tsunamis...This is not a crazy fantasy, it will come true if human beings don't stop destroying the environment!Global warming is not only about the weather getting hotter, but also about many negative effects!To save the planet, we should do what we can: cut out the air conditioning, use recycled paper, and ditch meat (steak). (Cows have nitrous oxide in their digestion, and if you become a vegetarian, you'll save 1.5 tons of CARBON dioxide per year!)Instead of plastic bags, take the bus...The little things in life.In fact, environmental protection is not difficult, as long as you support environmental protection, is your best gift to the planet, do not need too much words, as long as everyone takes action, it will be a powerful force!Now, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States and others have taken action, and we have taken action, but for a country of 1.3 billion people, that's not enough.So, global warming is the only way for all mankind to save the earth, and some might say: can't we just move to another planet?The answer is yes, but how many people can that accommodate?Some people say that the amount of money needed to deal with the greenhouse effect is too large.However, if we continue to delay, the final result is that our earth is not recognisable, not to mention the financial, even their own lives can not be guaranteed!So environmental protection should not only be paid lip service, but also be put into action.