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Wallet Sync Problem (Ubuntu 16.04)

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  • CapricornCandy
    Hello! Great to hear you found the bootstrap. We just released a new version to download too nineteen

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  • nineteen
    started a topic Wallet Sync Problem (Ubuntu 16.04)

    Wallet Sync Problem (Ubuntu 16.04)


    I just installed the Ubuntu wallet yesterday, which seems to work fine on Ubuntu 16.04 too, but the syncing seems to have a problem:

    1) Whenever I start the client, it shows "Block xxx of yyy (syncing)" in the overview tab

    2) After a while (before reaching block yyy) the "(syncing)" disappears only showing the last synced block

    3) It seems that the client doesn't fully sync but behaves as if it has synced

    4) Images:

    What could be the problem?


    I just found out that you posted a bootstrap method, which worked for me. The wallet is synced now.
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