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DAPS Wallet - First Launch Guide

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  • DAPS Wallet - First Launch Guide

    New to the DAPS wallet? Start here with our "First Launch Guide"

    1. Download the latest wallet release from or our official GitHub page.
    Note: For the safety of your funds, please do not download the wallet from anywhere else.

    2. Launch the wallet.

    3. You will be prompted to enter a passphrase. This is a requirement for the safety of your funds. Make sure to save it in a safe place(s).

    4. Head over to the Receive tab to obtain your Master Account address for receiving any DAPS on. Click the Copy icon if you would like to quickly copy to your clipboard.

    5. Next, we'll visit the Settings page and go over a few of the settings below:
    Theme Selection - Switch between the Dark and Light themes
    Staking Status - Turn Staking On or Off (note: 400,000 DAPS minimum required, 1 hour wait for maturity of coins)
    Change Current Passphrase - Change your current passphrase (note: password is required and you can not set a blank password this way)
    Mneumonic Recovery Phrase - Display the Mneumonic Recovery Phrase (be sure to only view this in a secure environment)
    Two Factor Authentication - Turn on 2FA for an added layer of security (highly recommended)
    Backup Wallet - Backup the wallet.dat to your current directory

    6. To enable Two Factor Authentication, select how long to "Remember my authentication code for" and then toggle the button from Off to On. You will be prompted to scan a QR code using an Authenticator app of your choice. Scan it and enter the 2FA code. You should now be protected with 2FA as well as a passphrase.

    More to come, including screenshots and a how-to video. Stay tuned!
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