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DAPS Staking Instructions

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  • DAPS Staking Instructions

    How to Stake DAPS

    1. Download the latest wallet release from or our official GitHub page.
    Note: For the safety of your funds, please do not download the wallet from anywhere else.

    2. Launch the wallet and allow it to fully sync before sending or receiving any coins.

    3. Unlock your wallet.

    4. Send or receive at least 400,000 (four hundred thousand) DAPS to your Master Account address.

    5. Wait approximately 1 hour for the coins to mature.

    6. Head over to the Settings page by clicking the Settings icon on the bottom left.

    7. Toggle the Staking tab from Off to On.

    8. You should now be staking.

    9. To check you can go by the green Staking indicator or open up the Debug Console and type in

    It should return:
        "validtime" : true,
        "haveconnections" : true,
        "walletunlocked" : true,
        "mintablecoins" : true,
        "enoughcoins" : true,
        "mnsync" : true,
        "staking status" : true

    Note the "staking status: true" verifies that you are staking.


    Error: "Not enough mintable coins. Send coins to this wallet or if you have coins already, wait a maximum of 1h to be able to stake."

    Solution: Make sure you have a minimum of 400,000 DAPS.

    More to come, including screenshots and a how-to video. Stay tuned!
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    will there be guide also for starting staking using terminal on a vps?