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    The process of globalization is the process of economic and cultural expansion.In terms of the relationship between man and nature, China's initiative construction of socialist ecological civilization is also a globalization process of adapting to the requirements of globalization and communicating Chinese ecological civilization outward.Economic expansion and openness are the powerful material guarantee for globalization, the objective basis for continuous communication and mutual influence among people, and the material basis for globalization.After the end of the Second World War, especially as mankind strides into the 21st century, the scientific and technological revolution changes with each passing day, the world economy develops rapidly, and countries around the world become increasingly closely connected in economic, political, cultural and other aspects, making the world an inseparable whole.One of the most obvious trends is economic globalization.
    "So-called economic globalization is the understanding of the economic globalization in the production of continuous development and accelerate the progress of science and technology, the social division of labor and the international division of labor deepening, constantly improve the production socialization and internationalization degree, under the condition of the world, the regional economic activities more and more beyond the scope of a country and the area and connect with each other, depend on each other's integration process."It is the objective result of the development of the productive forces in the world, and it is the objective trend that does not take human's will as the transfer.Its origin can be traced back to a century or more ago. In the stage of liberal capitalism, the production and operation activities of some major capitalist countries actually began to be organized on a global scale, which means that the trend of economic globalization has spined.Marx and Engels pointed out more than 150 years ago: "The bourgeoisie, by opening up the world market, has made the production and consumption of all countries worldwide.
    New Development of economic globalization With the amazing development of information technology, economic activities in the world into a network, greatly shorten the distance between countries and various markets, economic globalization has become a trend of rapid development.
    The impact of economic globalization The manifestations of economic globalization are diverse, including the globalization of production, the globalization of trade, the globalization of finance and the globalization of enterprise management.The process of economic globalization is a process in which the degree of socialization of production is constantly improving. In the process of globalization, the economies of all countries in the world are increasingly closely connected and interdependent. In particular, developing countries introduce other countries' advanced technology and management experience, so as to enhance their economic competitiveness and shorten the gap with developed countries.But we all know it is a double-edged sword, at the same time of have a positive effect, also brought a lot of negative consequences, such as increasing the risk of economic crisis, large gains in the developed countries, developing countries benefit less, some even are at risk of marginalized, of course also bring destructive environmental degradation, and destroyed the global productivity development, serious influence on the global economy continues to stable and healthy development.Therefore, how to achieve the "win-win" of all countries is a major issue facing the international community.
    Industrial civilization of man and Nature With the development of capitalist economy, the emergence of capitalist mode of production and the industrial Revolution, human beings entered the capitalist society and changed from agricultural civilization to industrial civilization.In the period of capitalist society, human beings use science and technology to make machines to carry out production activities, so as to control and transform nature.Within a short period of several hundred years, social productive forces developed rapidly, and human beings' ability to transform nature far exceeded the sum of all previous generations.There has been a fundamental change in the relationship between man and nature.Since the essence of capitalist society is the pursuit of profit with maximum strength, capitalists will not be unwilling to violate the laws of nature, destroy ecological balance and pollute the natural environment to meet their own needs as long as they can obtain high profits.This kind of wild and predatory exploitation and utilization of nature has caused serious ecological damage, and also caused tension and confrontation between man and nature, which will inevitably lead to man's survival crisis.During this period, man became the master of nature, thinking that he could conquer and control everything in nature.But this imbalance between man and nature of the material transformation mode must be changed, the shift to a "social people, unite the producers, the reasonable adjustment between them and natural material transformation and put it under their control rather than let it as the power of the blind to rule themselves, by the minimum consumption, in the most worthy and suitable for the conditions for their human nature down this kind of material transformation.
    The ultimate result of the relationship between human and nature is the problem of getting along with nature.To sum up, the rapid economic development, the level of science and technology more and more high under the influence of globalization today, we must adhere to marxist ecological view, dealing with the relationship between the good man and nature, man and nature live in harmony, enhance the capacity of sustainable development, protect the ecological environment, promote the harmonious development of the society, jointly safeguard the survival of our homes.China must avoid the negative ecological impact mainly brought by economic globalization, promote the world civilization of ecological view in the relationship between man and nature in China under the active ecological civilization construction policy, promote China's ecological civilization, and promote the globalization of world ecological civilization.

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    I would agree here. I don't like the fact that there is more pollution in the world and we don't take much care about nature at all and this planet is the only place we can live, we have no other choice. I plan to buy land in Koh Samui and build a house from natural materials. I hope I will be able to finish my project by the end of 2022.
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