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The Audit of the code by Red4sec is complete!

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  • The Audit of the code by Red4sec is complete!

    The Audit of the code by Red4sec is complete!

    This means that they have gone over the code and files that were stipulated by us and they have completed that phase.

    They are now finishing off the report for the team which should be completed by early next week.

    They will also start next week with reviewing the fixes we have already made and either approving or denying them. This is an iterative process, but we have already made a good start with 50% of the reported issues already fixed.

    Issues are reported in terms of severity that range from informational (no action really required) to critical (very possible ability for exploitation).

    Once all issues have been appropriately fixed and approved, then the entire audit process will be considered complete.

    We expect this to take no longer than 2 weeks.

    After this we will prepare a report for the community and also begin any responsible disclosures we have may have for other projects. Responsible disclosure does not impact any of our timelines. 🙌🏼
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    Fantastic news... DAPS IS COMING


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      The Days of Mainnet are soon upon us!


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        Can't wait to celebrate this memorial day! 🤩✊