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DAPS Token to Coin Transition Process

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  • DAPS Token to Coin Transition Process

    Posted by capricorncandy on September 1, 2019

    DAPS Coin and entered into a partnership whereby the token to coin transition process would be jointly built. have an amazing platform for this and had success with previous projects.


    The Process:

    Step 1

    The user enters their DAPS Coin address or clicks the link to download the wallet in order to create a new DAPS address.
    The backend generates a unique Ethereum address connected to this DAPS Coin address.

    Step 2

    The user transfers DAPS Tokens to the generated Ethereum address.
    The backend scans the Ethereum blocks looking for the unique address and sends DAPS Coin to connected DAPS address.

    Is it really that easy? Yes!

    We specifically designed the process to be as simple as possible.

    There are many reasons for this, but the main one is that we want the capacity for mistakes to be as little as possible.

    We’ve had many instances of people contacting us saying that they had sent their tokens to the contract address etc. We wanted to ensure that the transition process is as simple and easy to use as possible so that the number of mistakes that can be made is almost zero.

    The main things to make sure of when you are going through this process is that the DAPS Coin address you provide is correct and entered right and that you make sure that you send the DAPS Tokens to correct address. If you send the DAPS Tokens to the wrong address or you input the wrong DAPS Coin address you will end up losing both.

    This is very important!

    We cannot emphasize this enough: please make sure all the details you enter into the transition system are 100% correct and also make sure you send your tokens to the unique address that you are given otherwise you WILL lose your tokens or coins or both.

    • Do you need to create an account on to claim?
      No accounts needed.
    • How many times can a user send tokens to their unique ETH address linked to their DAPS coin wallet?
    • How long will it take from the time you send the coins to your unique address until you receive your DAPS coins?
      Depends on how fast the ETH network is at the time but it’s estimated at 30 minutes.
    • Is it safer to send a small amount first to try and after that send the rest of the tokens?
      It is always a good idea to test something first. This is up to personal preference.
    • Do I need to provide personal information like a TG-handle or email address?
      Not at all.
    • Will DAPS token still be trading together with DAPS coin?
    • When will the token trading stop?
      We are trying to coordinate with exchanges to stop trading as close to mainnet release date as possible. More info on this will be shared.
    • How long will the transition process be open for?
      We are waiting for confirmation from legal advice and will announce this shortly.
    • Will any exchanges support automatic change of tokens to coins?
      To be confirmed.

    Let us know in our official channels Telegram Facebook or Discord if you have more questions and we will add them to the FAQ section above for everyone. Please follow our updates or newsletters closely as we release more information in the coming days regarding mainnet.

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    Hello, can't see the pictures, links broken ?


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      Hallo, ik heb Daps verstuurd via swaps maar ik ontvang ze niet in mijn wallet.kunt u mij verder helpen.