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DAPS Coin and Trittium Masternode Service Collaboration

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  • DAPS Coin and Trittium Masternode Service Collaboration

    We are happy to bring another masternode service collaboration to DAPS family. 🤩

    Meet Trittium

    The service we are collaborating on is ‘Cold Nodes’
    Cold wallet masternode hosting - In short, the VPS and masternode installation and maintenance are on Trittium, while you simply keep your coins and receive rewards in your wallet.

    They should have support for DAPS masternodes up within the next two days max. In the meantime, stay tuned for the press release with more info and find the team on:


    Here is the manual

    For security reasons (avoid bots) system does not allow any account to deploy any cold node if they do not have at least 5€ value in trtt into your account. “We do not charge on them, but if you have cold nodes deployed you must keep such balance.” If you don’t, you will receive an email about your situation, and nodes will be destroyed in 3 days. 🤝