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Round two of DAPS Testing (By: Adel De Meyer April 30, 2019)

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  • Round two of DAPS Testing (By: Adel De Meyer April 30, 2019)

    Posted by capricorncandy on April 30, 2019

    Round 2 of beta testing is coming soon.

    Yes, you read that correctly.

    We are holding the second round of beta testing!
    Why another test period for DAPS?

    Whilst the first round of testing was successful in finding and fixing issues, we want another round of tests to make sure that we have killed all the bugs (and not introduced any new ones!)

    Some of the issues we experienced previously included:
    1. 0 Balances and other balance display issues.
    2. Multiple addresses in the receive screen
    3. Masternode setup issues
    4. Staking amount issues.
    5. Database corruption
    6. Chainstate and wallet.dat issues
    7. Popups for transactions with incorrect values

    And of course everyone’s favourite: Licensing!

    While licensing is here to stay, hopefully, this time and we can have a very stable testnet where everything just works. ☺️

    When will testnet launch again?

    We plan to have everything in order for testing to begin on the 8th of May 2019 and ending 22nd of May 2019.

    What will be tested?

    The core code of the chain has not changed which means that everything you see in the updated whitepaper is still in there from the first testnet.
    So our testers will be testing the stability and robustness of the wallets on the network.

    Who will be taking part?

    All previous beta testers, VIP’s and admins will be able to take part.


    From the comfort of your own home and the DAPS testnet Discord server.

    These are still MVP wallets and any issues that are non-functional – such as misaligned graphics and incorrect text – will not be attended to with high priority.

    Tester emails will go out shortly with details about round two.

    We had amazing feedback from our first round of testnet, thank you!

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