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  • February Newsletter

    DAPS and Crypto news worth knowing about.
    #DAPSMystery gets solved!
    Happy February, the month of love is here!

    In this newsletter, we will discuss Cryptopia, testnet, security and also solve the DAPS mystery.

    Please note this year newsletters will only come out every two weeks as the team will be very busy with testnet, mainnet, PR and partnerships.

    Important updates will still be pushed out across social media channels immediately as needed.

    Happy reading.
    Crypto and Markets News
    Listen to the Latest News Instead of Reading it!
    We recently launched the DAPS and Crypto news updates podcast. Your updates will now come with a short voice snippet to listen to.

    Thanks to DAPS team members AlchemicJay and DKill for putting this exciting new podcast together for us. Be sure to follow our SoundCloud account to share our news or to listen at your convenience.
    Cryptojackers Set Eyes on Monero Linux Users

    Cybersecurity company JASK finds suggests that a modified version of the trojan shellbot malware has become popular. This malware targets Linux users specifically. This malware is believed to be the work of a Romanian hacker group called the Outlaw. Read more…
    Russia to use Blockchain to Secure the Quality of Their Exams

    Russia will use Blockchain technology as a new method for printing and scanning the Unified State Exam (USE) to increase quality and transparency in the educational system. This exam is the only graduation examination in secondary schools and used as part of the entrance examination into universities in Russia. Read more…
    Isle of Man Opens a “Regulatory Sandbox” for Blockchain Technology

    Isle of Man (IoM) has opened a blockchain office and welcome other blockchain platforms to its regulatory sandbox. The goal of the sandbox is to provide a legislative framework for virtual currencies. As one of the biggest critic of Malta for encouraging unregulated financial services, IoM hopes to encourage others to join forces to bring order and stability to virtual currencies. Read more…
    Concerns Rise over the Impact of Virtual Currency on Fiat

    An Indian government committee is concerned about the effects of virtual currency on the use of the Indian Rupee. Although the effect is not currently clear, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) is also recommending that government should continue to watch the virtual currency ecosystem and that bank supported virtual currencies could also be a threat to the centralized financial system. Read more…
    DAPS Project News
    Nearly Time for Testnet
    Beta test emails were sent out at the beginning of February.

    Congratulations to those who were selected!

    If you were selected please make sure that you reply to the email with your discord username (example: abc#123) if you didn't include it in your application or if you didn't have one and have created a new one in order to participate.

    As we mentioned in the email, a private discord server will be used for this and only approved applicants with verified discord usernames will be allowed in.

    We have a few users who informed us that they can't make it for the test and they have graciously given their place up for reselection. Thank you for being truly committed and community focused.

    In case you cannot participate for any reason, please let us know by replying to the e-mail you received so we can make someone else happy with your unused spot.

    DAPS Coin Security Audit
    DAPS leadership has been in consultation with a few cryptography, cryptocurrency and software analysis companies.

    We cannot disclose who they are, but they come highly recommended.

    What are we after?

    We want to make sure that the chain, consensus rules and cryptography implementations are not only accurate but also do not have security holes.

    We also want a third party to validate that DAPS Coin does what it says on the tin. This way we can state for a fact that the claims we make are real.

    Further to this, we are going to need these sorts of audits provided by reputable companies for exchange listings on some bigger exchanges. When Binance?

    How long will this take, and will it affect the proposed mainnet release date?

    We can't be certain how long it will take to complete the audits as we are still in the quoting phase with these companies.

    It could be a week, it could be a month. At this stage we are gathering information to make the best decision possible.

    It is possible that an extended audit could affect the mainnet release date, but this is a necessary step.

    Can we go to mainnet without doing the audit?


    But that would be like leaving your car unlocked with the keys in the ignition in a very bad neighbourhood.

    There's no guarantee of what might happen and while it is possible to do, it's not a very good idea.

    What DAPS is doing is an essential step in the release of the coin.

    With the beta test, we are hoping the testers will find issues with the everyday usage of the coin. They may even try and hack and break it themselves.

    We want the testers to find issues so that we can fix them for mainnet.

    With the security audit, we want to make sure the code and cryptography are solid so that when the coin is released to the public, we can be sure that there are no known security flaws.

    For those with an interest in the cryptographic side of cryptocurrencies, we have found this very interesting blog post:

    Read the article
    Cryptopia Hack - Update
    The Cryptopia hack is still looming with uncertainty as to when and if they will open for business again. At the moment management hasn't confirmed anything with the DAPS team.

    We believe the police are finished with their investigation at the Cryptopia premises and we anticipate an update from Cryptopia themselves this week.

    As always we will update you immediately with any news that we can share regarding the matter.

    Press about Cryptopia (not an official release)

    Read news article

    Follow Cryptopia on Twitter: @cryptopia_nz

    We will put out a poll to determine when to do the bonus airdrops and if we will wait for Cryptopia users first or not to complete this process. You will decide.
    DAPS Launches its own Multiverse Enjin Collectibles
    Finally, the #DAPSmystery is solved!!

    Wondered what Monocero, Verderion, Arkenax and Denteemia were? Well, now you know! They are our very own ERC 1155 collectibles on the Enjin network.

    These collectibles can be collected and then traded with other collectors or you can even send one to your mom or best friend as a gift.
    Watch this video below to understand what the multiverse means and why this is a big achievement for DAPS to be a part of history in the making!

    The video explains it in a quick simple and easy way to understand.
    The DAPS collection on Enjin is known as the DAPSverse and we will expand on this collection by getting community members involved in designs or concepts down the track so we can keep growing our collection and catch the attention of blockchain game devs and players around the world.

    The DAPS Hero and DAPS Villain (brothers) represent our admins and community. You can choose your side - some like things a bit dark (green in this case) with Verderion and others like to be the hero of the day with Arkenax. It is up to you!
    To celebrate this launch we are kicking off with a giveaway of these DAPS collectibles. You need an Enjin wallet and all you have to do is scan this QR code below to see which item you will unlock.

    We have items that are rare and also more valuable than others, this makes the collection hunting more interesting as everyone wants a rare collectible right?

    We are extremely proud of this partnership with Enjin and look forward to a long journey with them discovering the world of collectibles and games out there.

    Scan the code below to see what you unlock. CLOSED

    Good luck!
    DAPS Multiverse Characters to Feature in 4 Games
    We are extremely proud to announce that the DAPS Hero/Villian characters will be part of the world's first gaming multiverse built by Enjin.

    DAPS is partnering with the following games to get our multiverse item integrated into their games. Can you believe that this year you will be able to play with a DAPS character in a game? And not just one, four of them!!

    In our opinion, this is a great story for improving mass adoption in the crypto and blockchain gaming space. We are proud to be at the forefront of this.

    Let's introduce each game to you:
    Bitcoin Hodler

    Bitcoin Hodler is a blockchain-based 2D mobile game for the crypto community - A mixed endless runner and arcade style action-adventure taking you on an exciting journey through the gamified crypto world. Powered by Enjin - the leading cryptocurrency for blockchain-based gaming - you will be able to interact with real blockchain based in-game items and characters.

    Experience the thrill, the fear and the greed of the crypto space and playfully explore the new paradigm given by the blockchain and the Enjin ecosystem. Collect, own, upgrade or trade your assets on decentralized marketplaces.

    Become part of the multiverse - a place where you will truly own your game assets, where characters can move between realms and hard-earned items and achievements can stay with you across multiple games.
    Cats in Mechs - Megaworld Studios

    Cataria V is the native home of the Mau and the only planet where Catmint grows naturally. "Mint," as it is commonly called, is the single most valuable resource in the galaxy and the ruthless Dr. Priss VonTreat knows it.

    Only you and your motley crew of Mech pilots can save the planet.

    May Ceiling Cat Watch Over You...

    The DAPS character will get cat ears and a tail.

    Join the Telegram Community

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