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    The BIG DAPS news edition
    The BIG DAPS News Edition!
    Hello DAPS family,

    Nice to be in your inbox again, it's been a while but for good reasons. Adel got very ill after visiting actor Gary Graham in Hollywood to discuss DAPS and testnet on her way back from GDC in San Fransisco, apart from that there was also lots happening behind the scenes with testnet and business planning.

    Adel has recovered now, thanks to those who sent well wishes and notes.

    We are thrilled to bring you this BIG DAPS update and thanks for being such an awesomely supportive and patient community.

    Well let's get right to it, we have a lot to talk about.

    Happy reading.
    DAPS Project News
    Thanks to all our Testers - Success!
    Some say: There is never such a sweet goodbye as to those we love the most.

    The beta test has been - in our opinion - a great success. Why? Because we found issues that we didn't catch in development testing and fixed them.

    Some of the most notable things that we caught:

    1. 0 Balances and other balance display issues.
    2. Multiple addresses in the receive screen
    3. Masternode setup issues
    4. Staking amount issues.
    5. Database corruption
    6. Chainstate and wallet.dat issues
    7. Popups for transactions with incorrect values

    There was 1 more issue that was found that was a thorn in everyone's side, but just like that yearly dentist visit, this one was needed - Licenses!

    Some issues were sorted very quickly, while others required some time and some of them also required some thought as to how to make it right.

    Some of the best changes to the wallets came from the balance and staking issues we experienced.
    Whilst they were actually related to each other, the solution that the devs came up with was quite a unique one.

    Firstly, the 0 balance issues arose. For those that didn't see it, the 0 balance issue was where a wallet would report its balance as 0, but "getbalance" reported the correct amount.

    The reason for this is quite simple.

    This is taken from the testnet discord:

    We have added a new method of dealing with the balances. We have been working on ways to make it easier to understand how balances work.

    PoSV3 works like this:

    You get some coins and they take time to mature before they start staking. While they are not mature, you can spend them. When they become mature, PoSV3 essentially locks them away - kind of like masternode collateral, but not to the same extent - and that makes them unavailable to be spent.

    The balance that is "spendable" when staking all your coins is 0.

    So what did we do?

    We made it super easy to understand.
    You now have 3 balances on the wallet:
    1. Balance
    2. Spendable
    3. Pending

    Balance is the total amount of spendable and staking coins in your wallet. Spendable is how much you can spend right now. Pending is how much are awaiting confirmation.

    But that's not the coolest part. Not by a long shot.

    One of the things that Spock (our CTO) keeps asking the devs is "What if the user wants to [insert action here]?".

    He asked them "What if the user wants to spend some coins while staking and not lose their stake maturity?" This got them thinking about a solution for it. Now, this does tie into the spendable balance on the wallet, but it's really cool.

    The devs figured it would be possible to create a withhold (reserve) function within the wallet that allows you to control how many of your coins are staking and how many are immediately spendable!

    Mind Blown! We love it.

    This makes us one of the few fully private staking coins out there that allows you to directly control how many coins you have staking and how much are spendable as 2 completely separate concepts.

    And the best of all is that if you do spend, you don't lose any maturity on your currently staking coins!

    We experienced a few concerning issues such as the database corruption and early on, the masternode setup issues. While the masternode setup issues were easily dealt with, the database corruption bugs were more difficult to replicate because some people got it and others didn't.

    Eventually, though, we got through it.

    There are still a few outstanding bugs that the devs are currently working on, but as this testnet is closing today, we won't be getting those out to the testing community in time.

    However, there may be a chance for the current Beta testers to get another bite at the cherry!

    Stay tuned!
    Go BIG or go Home!
    We kick off our very first DAPS Exhibitor Booth and we are doing it at Consensus next month in NYC!!

    This is another big milestone for us as a startup and we can't wait to make more people aware of DAPS and the amazing technology that we will be releasing shortly after Consensus.

    Why is this event such a big deal? Well, besides being the biggest crypto event in the world here is some information about Consensus:

    Consensus is the annual gathering of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology world. Consensus is the one global conference and expo that brings entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, traders, developers, academics, students and the curious together under one roof to explore, collaborate and debate the future of blockchain and crypto. Since 2015, Consensus has attracted every major company, developer, founder and investor in the cryptocurrency and blockchain world to engage in an annual discussion about the future of the industry.

    Consensus is designed to be a big tent for the industry: it convenes industry participants ranging from enterprise consortia to cypherpunks. This convening power breaks down the barriers that separate companies in the industry and allows everyone working on the technology to spend three days learning from their peers.

    Previous speakers reflect the richness and diversity of the Consensus crowd, ranging from titans of Wall Street and rulers of the Fortune 500 to pioneering cryptographers and the core developers who power the world’s most valuable cryptocurrencies. In 2018 the event had over 8000 attendees.

    At our DAPS branded booth we will have our wallet and block explorer available to view and experience. We want to use this opportunity to showcase our product to industry experts, crypto enthusiasts and we want to connect and network with other professionals who could potentially turn into partnerships.

    As part of our sponsorship, we also get publications, mentions and other marketing through Coindesk / Consensus advertising which will also help with our brand awareness.

    Stay tuned for more updates about this to follow! You can visit the event website
    DAPS was in San Francisco
    Adel and Mike attended GDC 2019 and it was a great success.

    The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is the world's largest professional game industry event. Our team went over to connect with the Enjin team in person, game and app developers and also the other game companies we are collaborating with as part of the multiverse.

    Good news from the event is that DAPS characters in the multiverse expanded to possibly having more collaborations on the table. As soon as the details are finalized we will share it publicly.

    Adel and Mike also got the opportunity to meet in person and discuss the future of DAPS, Mike's involvement in the journey ahead and as we all know good work relationships are key to success!
    GDC walkthrough! 20 minutes of walking crammed into just under 2 minutes. 360 cams are fun. Great video thanks Mike!
    Team Update - Captain Daper
    Written by DKill_:

    Now that testnet was successful and there is no need for panic we feel the need to inform the community of team developments behind the scenes. You might wonder why we didn’t say anything earlier, well please bear in mind this was done with the project’s best interest at heart hence why we waited until we felt the necessary goals were met and the time is right to discuss this with you.

    As many of you have noticed, Breck Nevers-Tomac, also known as Captaindaper9000 has not been around for a while, and this is with good reason: Breck has been removed from the team and he is not involved in the DAPS Project.

    Before we continue to explain a few more details it needs to be made very clear that none of what is about to be detailed in this article will have any effect on DAPS itself, as in reality, Breck has not been part of the team since December 2018.

    Even before this period, coordination of the project and team was poor and in order to make this project a success Adel had been taking on more and more responsibility to the point where the team considers her the leader of DAPS and she has been successfully running DAPS for many months with team management and admins by her side. Breck’s prior involvement with DAPS has been overstated by himself as in reality most of the work was done by others on the DAPS team and not by him, even though he often claimed all recognition for himself.

    We also need to make clear that Breck is NOT a developer and he doesn’t have any access or rights to the DAPS code. PoA was researched and created by our developers and not produced by Breck. This should set your mind at ease that the code is safe.

    His contributions to the team were bringing Adel on, paying for exchange listings and adding some value to the technical aspects, assisting Adel with building the website, guidelines and governance documents, process some claims during the airdrop processes, outreach and assisting Buba with the whitepaper. Buba who is still on our team was the first person to write a whitepaper for the DAPS idea a month before Breck joined the team.

    So, what happened? For this, we need to travel back to June 2018.

    Shortly after Breck decided that DAPS had to split from PCN to continue DAPS as a standalone project, Adel became co-founder of DAPS. From that very moment, it became clear that Breck – whose only work experience has been working for his dad in construction, had no experience with business management and therefore Adel took over to make most business decisions. Over the course of time between June and end of 2018, Adel and her partner Andrew, with the help of the loyal and dedicated team members started taking over increasingly more tasks as Breck demonstrated that he was inexperienced in the corporate world to fulfil these tasks in a correct manner such as the claims & airdrop process infrastructure, DAPS development management and other business aspects of DAPS.

    Fast forward to December 2018: there was an internal confrontation because we were not pleased with Breck’s actions and also the lack of involvement from him, because at this time he did not seem to care much about the project as he also had not attended to Dev meetings or shown any involvement in that regard for quite a while. This ended up getting to the point that Adel almost left DAPS because Breck was emotionally and verbally abusive (and still is) and did not want to listen to any criticisms or advice, and therefore he was very difficult to work with. Nevertheless, Adel fought hard and stayed with DAPS even more dedicated than ever, but from that moment on Breck was internally no longer considered as part of the team.

    With Breck no longer internally involved, things turned out to be a lot better and we steadily progressed forward.

    Until recently, Breck has hardly said a word to Adel or anybody else on the team for about 8 weeks, but now that has changed as he attempted to extort the project, demanding a “golden parachute” for his “exit” from the project on his own terms. Breck demanded that he wanted to get $100k USD from the project even though he has been fully refunded for anything he paid out of pocket and that he also wanted to keep ownership of the DAPS merchandise rights and the shop.

    In return, he would hand over the digital DAPS assets such as the DAPS website, emails, Twitter and Telegram channels such as the Updates channel.

    Adel and team management firmly refused any of Breck’s demands and instead, we immediately started taking control of the digital assets and accounts that he still had under his control because they are not his rightful properties, to begin with. This is the reason for the recent change of some channels and the DAPS website.

    What have we done about this situation with Breck over the past few months?
    1. Breck has been officially removed from the team after not being involved since 12/2018.
    2. Breck has been removed from the development Master Service Agreement.
    3. Breck has been removed from everywhere possible on Telegram and Discord.
    4. Breck doesn’t have access to the dev fund. We secured this with our multisig wallet setup.
    5. Removal of DAPS merchandise shop which was in Breck’s control, the designs are not his property, it belongs to our designer deadlinelogo.

    We have secured digital assets such as:
    1. DAPS website - duplicate
    2. com domain
    3. All main DAPS Telegram channels
    4. DAPS LinkedIn Business page
    5. DAPS Discord server
    6. DAPS YouTube
    7. Soundcloud - Podcast
    8. Mailerlite – Our newsletter service
    9. Other smaller social media channels we don’t currently use
    10. DAPS Telegram channels: Russia, German, Japan, China, Korea
    11. All 3rd party announcement channels such as Delta, Blockfolio and Coingecko

    We have created new digital assets for those that could not be recovered from Breck yet, such as:

    DAPS Official Twitter:

    DAPS Updates:

    DAPS Russia:

    DAPS Germany:

    DAPS Japan:

    DAPS China:

    DAPS Korea:

    To do:

    DAPS Coin Emails: Ignore emails at the moment.

    DAPS Merchandise Shop: A new one will be set up soon.

    Facebook Page: New one to follow, Breck removed all admins.

    Instagram Channel: New one to follow soon.

    We are currently in contact with Twitter to recover the business account. We are also in the process of recovering the emails with Bluehost as Breck is not the rightful owner of the domain. They need to remove it from his access, we anticipate this to happen very soon.

    As you can tell the last few months have been an extremely stressful time for the team members. But besides all these challenges we continued to deliver and show up every day. We hope that you can respect that this is a sensitive situation at the moment and to please support us and not make matter worse. We are dealing with this in the most professional way we can, and we would appreciate your cooperation in doing the same.

    Lastly, we want to thank Breck for his contributions in the past to the project and the community and it is very sad that things had to end on such an unfortunate note. We wish him well in his future endeavours.
    It is Time for you to Meet our DAPS CTO
    Andrew is an experienced IT professional with 19 years of experience in the IT industry.

    Andrew started his career in 2000 as a developer while doing his Microsoft certifications. Over the years, he has been involved in almost every industry including mining, health, government, travel, tax, banking, online gaming, forensics, social media platforms and research.

    Andrew has architected both high-end single-use systems, enterprise scale applications and serverless systems.

    From 2015 to August 2018 he was managing software development teams in Australia. In August 2018 he joined DAPS officially as the development manager and airdrop systems architect.

    Some of you may be wondering why are only hearing about this now?

    We feel it is time that you know who has been and still is driving the technical department of DAPS.

    Andrew was happy to work behind the scenes and not be officially introduced to the community. However, the team felt the time has come to introduce him to you the community especially with all the success he has contributed on the DAPS journey to date and as we close testnet this weekend.

    By the way, the secret technology we mention from time to time, it was his idea to include it in DAPS.

    While he has been part of the management team since August 2018 he has already accomplished the following:

    1. Architecting and executing all airdrops for DAPS ensuring no data was lost and also achieving a 99.4% success rate for the airdrops.
    2. Assisting Adel in dealing with budget and negotiations for development.
    3. Managing the entire development of the coin including budget, sprint planning, goals and outcomes, issue logging and more.
    4. Managing and executing the entire beta test process. Yes testers, he is Spock.
    5. Ongoing negotiations and partnerships with potential security audit firms to ensure both legal liability, budget and SoW agreements are in place.

    In his spare time - which he keeps telling us he doesn't have much of because he keeps having to renew test licenses - he enjoys fishing, offroading and time spent with family (Adel) and friends.

    He is also an avid gamer, a Star Trek and Star Wars lover (yes you can be both) and absolutely loves Game of Thrones!

    We are very grateful to have Andrew as part of management and in the CTO position, we have a lot to say thanks to him for - THANKS, Andrew!


    Discord - Spock#3204

    Telegram - @DAPS_Spock
    Gearing up for Mainnet
    With mainnet approaching we are getting more paperwork ready to be able to list on exchanges like Bittrex and Upbit. Many reputable exchanges now req
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